I hail from Texas. And I can see that look on your face so I’d like to point out that a) I was born and raised in San Antonio and b) I left almost as soon as I could. Once in New York, I told jokes at seedy open-mics in and around NY to the profound disinterest of out-of-towners and alcoholics alike. I also studied long-form improvisation and performed at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, The Magnet and The PIT.

Then, you know, I just kind of started designing things. And this led to a period of research and development, which led to some freelance design projects. And all of that led to grad school applications and matriculation at SVA as 1/19th of the 2009 MFA Designer as Author Program. I believe that all of my missteps, my many disparate interests and experiments, make me a better communicator.

I like to learn, listen, read and design things that elicit laughter and mild discomfort.

You can get in touch with me (steven at nerdelite dot com) but I don't have the best email ethic. Here is my resume.