Museums for the Masses is a political arts project I founded in Stefan Sagmeister’s class Can Design Touch Someone’s Heart? Museums for the Masses strives to recurate existing museum collections via the floorplans, maps and brochures that are freely available at information kiosks. Our goal is to make fine art more accessible to the average museum goer who thinks the work is tiresome or irrelevant. For the inaugural run, I spent five days in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, tallying up all incidences of sex, nudity and clandestine naughtiness. Each gallery was then color-coded based on the density of sexiness. The dimensions, folds and cover (with the exception of a kiss on George’s collar) were printed to resemble the existing map as closely as possible. Over 600 recurated floorplans were handed out in a single night, some directly to individuals, others slipped into stacks of the original. A Met “violence” floorplan and a MoMA map spotlighting pretension are currently in development.